Hongsamga Kunbo

Hongsamga Kunbo

About Our Business

We research Korean red ginseng and work on the
[development of ginseng and red ginseng products]
for the health of the people.

01. Quality Control

Quality Control: We conduct various and systematic safety tests throughout production—from the warehousing of raw and subsidiary materials to delivery of finished products.

Production Management

  • Sensory tests for raw and subsidiary materials
  • Product standard establishment
  • Hazardous substances analysis in raw materials
  • Production facility inspection
  • Work manual preparation by process
  • Hygiene check for producers
  • Product history tracking


  • Safety Test (analysis of residual pesticide, heavy metals, and benzopyrene)
  • Chemical/physical/microbial tests

02. Production Management

Equipped with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)–certified aseptic facilities, which include the Cleaning Room, Steaming Room, Cutting Room, Extraction Room, Evaporation Room, Filling Room, Drying Room, and Packaging Room, we produce our products with a cutting-edge hygienic system in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards
Major Roots of Ginseng Cleaner, Peeler, Steamer, Dryer, Wetter Packer
Liquid Extract Extractor, Centrifuge, Evaporator, Mixer, Ager, Filler, Auto Labeler
Ginseng Slice, Ginseng Preserved in Honey Cleaner, Honey Dipper, Vacuum Packer, Dryer, Sealer
Ampoule Blender, Sterilizer, Packer
Pouch Product Kneader, Pill Maker, Dryer, Packer
Pill-Type Product Kneader, Pill Maker, Dryer, Packer
Granular Product Blender, Granule Maker, Granule Screener, Four-side Sealer

03. R&D

We strive to develop new products based on cutting-edge testing equipment and the expertise of our skilled researchers. We cooperate with ginseng research centers, red ginseng clusters, and medicinal herb research institutes for R&D.


Acknowledged for its outstanding quality at duty free stores since 1992, it currently operates 8 stores.
Meet Hongsamga Kunbo at various duty free shops.


  • 01.

    Product Planning and Market Research
  • 02.

    Request for Consignment Manufacturing
  • 03.

    Reporting of Manufacturing Items and Advertising Review
  • 04.

    Ordering Raw/Subsidiary Materials and Production
  • 05.

    Inspection and Delivery
We are equipped with advanced facilities, including red ginseng extractors, fillers for granules, powder, ampoule, stick and pouch products, as well as pill makers. We supply our products with a sense of responsibility to satisfy our customers.